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George's Mystery

From June 4-5,2021, I stayed in Metropolis, Illinois, to document a Minnesota-based paranormal investigation team in their hunt for answers to questions in a world-famous death. Legendary Superman actor George Reeves died under mysterious circumstances at a Hollywood party in 1959. For generations, Superman fans have been left wondering if the official ruling of suicide is indeed the true cause of the actor's untimely passing. The group of paranormal investigators plan to ask him themselves. Below you will find a video and photos documenting the group's efforts.

Members of the International Paranormal Society, a Minnesota-based team, file through Metropolis, Illinois, en route to the Super Museum in the town's center on June 4, 2021. The Museum boasts what is likely the largest collection of Superman memorabilia. Among the museum's items are the personal belongings of the late Superman actor George Reeves, who died at a Hollywood party in 1959. The official ruling was that Reeve's committed suicide via a single gunshot wound to the head. But Superman fans across the globe have speculated that Reeves was, in fact murdered, given various pieces of evidence, such as multiple shell casings at the scene.

Adrian Lee, the founder of the International Paranormal Society makes his way to the Super Museum on June 4, 2021. The author of numerous books on ghosts and UFOs and a self-proclaimed psychic, Lee has been investigating the paranormal for decades. Lee holds a master's degree in history, which he employs in his team's investigations. Other members of his team bring complimentary skill sets such as camera operation and audio processing.

Team skeptic and team leader Scott Kenner peers through the blinds at the Riverview Mansion during a warmup investigation. Fellow team members affectionately refer to Kenner as "Archie Debunker" for his efforts to attribute phenomena the team encounters to sources other than supernatural.

Heather Morris, the team's resident audio specialist, lies among the gravestones at the Masonic Cemetery in Metropolis June 5, 2021. The cemetery is the final resting place of Robert Stroud, famously known as the "Birdman of Alcatraz." Stroud was another subject of the team's investigation as Lee is compiling a book on famous ghosts.

Team researcher Karen Poirot, middle, shine's a flashlight at her notes, illuminating her face at Riverview Mansion June 4, 2021. At Poirot's feet and throughout the room she is in, lay several devices that beep when they detect movement.

Kenner shines a flashlight at Poirot as she holds a sketch of an old man's ghost Morris said she saw standing over Poirot's shoulder during a warmup investigation on June 4, 2021.

An ultraviolet flashlight illuminates a portrait of the late Superman actor George Reeves within the Super Museum in downtown Metropolis, Illinois.

See video above for footage of the team's investigation.

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